Oskar Fagelund

artistic director


Hi Friend!

Instead of me writing this text in third person I want to be more genuin with you.

I started WNP in 2020. We had jobs from some very big multinational companies but then I’ve taken a break to focus on school. Now I am done in school (Norways Academy of Music, the worlds 8th best music school) and back. I started WNP because I am very interested in understanding, exploring and combining art forms.

My selfish goal with WNP is to create more entrepreneurship in the art world. My understanding is that the art worlds audience will die if we don’t adapt. WNP will help my world buy showing my colleagues that there are a lot of opportunities for the person who have fantasy, work ethics and are willing to take risks.

I want you to understand that yes, I have little experience in the b2b space. But in the product I am offering (videos where I put together art in interesting, entertaining ways) I have a lot of experience and I am confident from the feedback that I've received that you will not be disappointed.

Contact me so I can send over a few times for a quick brainstorming call?
Best, Oskar